Each month our SPOTLIGHT page will focus on a unique item in store.

We like to look into the history, uses and craftsmanship of our pieces and this is where we will shine the spotlight on just a few.

Width 37cm

A fine example of Arts and Crafts pyrography or pokerwork, this super little wall hung corner cabinet is all over decorated with sinuous trailing floral, chequerboard and dog tooth motifs.

MGI poker work 1.JPG
Height 53.5cm

This finely decorative example is probably from the Edwardian period, circa 1910. The small cabinet door is decorated with a demilune panel of a swan in wooded landscape, the corner spandrels of leafy branches. 

Depth 26cm

The term "pyrography" was coined during the late Victorian era with the invention of wood-burning machines. With the advent of electricity came the electric poker, far more easily controlled than one heated in a fire, and a very popular art hobby craze, lasting into the 1920's, was born.